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Corona virus and ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM, FXU classes!

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Well at this point of life who doesn't think the Corona Virus sucks? It's disrupted every aspect of life, for everyone on the planet, regardless if you catch the disease or not. (or wear your mask). It's a real conundrum. How do we continue to live our lives as if nothing is happening? To me the only answer is that we do not. We can not. Not until there is a safe and viable vaccine in wide circulation. The risk is too great, in my opinion. In person gatherings can no longer be held indoors in groups over 25-50 (and honestly I feel a bit reticent about those numbers.) Out door gatherings are a bit easier but still pose an issue. How do movies get made in this environment? Hundreds of people in set daily. How do kids go back to school? Hundreds of people in a building all day. Sports, concerts, theater, truly, how does life go on? So, many questions. Now, school is swiftly approaching, some have already returned, and already closed back down because of negligence and poor leadership. In person education simply can not exist right now, without posing more dangerous threat, and for us to think otherwise, is simply, unwise. I think what Mexico is doing with broadcasting educational content directly over Mexican television stations, is a BRILLIANT idea. For years, we've extolled the benefits of Sesame Street and Mister Rodgers, on pre-school aged children. Content built for the right audience would be just as beneficial and educational.

I have been thinking a lot about this in terms of my own little FXU/Rad Fx Co., classes. Sadly, I don't have a TV studio at my disposal anymore ... but, I do have access to ZOOM! SOOOOO, In a full-on effort to transform, ebb and flow, adapt, and move forward, I have been spending the summer re-writing my usual in person classes for this new medium. The world has changed and if we do not change with it we will go extinct, just like the dinosaurs. These new ZOOM classes will be posted soon and when they do they will be priced so ANYONE can afford them. In this trying time, with the government being so backed up on unemployment, and so many being out of work unable to find new jobs, (yours truly among those in that good company) needless to say, I know how hard to come by money is myself, all too well!

I have also gotten many requests for classes aimed at the "younger set", grade schoolers, and right now this would be more needed than ever, and that's actually really comforting, as I am glad to see so many little folks are interested in our art form, still to this day! So there will definitely be lots more offerings for those guys then there have been in the past. I am still going to do a couple of "grown up" classes or things more advanced students would find interesting as well, don't fret!

Keep watching this space, FB, Insta, wherever you get your news about me from, and as soon as I work out all the kinks on this format you'll see some fun new classes that you can participate in and talk to me with just like we were in person together but with the convenience (and SAFETY) of attending class right from the comfort and privacy of your own kitchen! (or garage, I'd probably do it in the garage... you know we can get messy! ;) )

Stay tuned!

More coming soon!


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