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A personal message
from Rj: 

How about RJ's


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Hi there everyone! First off, thanks for visiting this site, and for all the support over the years.  Being an artist isn't easy!  Here you are going to find everything you need to about me (and probably some stuff you don't need).  I have drastically redesigned the site so now, think of it as more of a Portfolio Portal, with links to the outside destinations of all my many, many, MANY irons in the fire. 

For those of you that have never heard of me (how the hell did you find this website...) or if this just is your first time visiting, I'm RJ Haddy.  I am a... ARTIST... I haven't ever really felt the need to put a description in front of that word as to what type of artist I am, simply, an Artist.  I have done, and continue to do, too many different things (out of necessity or sheer lunacy) to pigeonhole myself into one medium or art form.  I am, however, most widely recognized for the few seasons I appeared on the SyFy Reality show, FACE OFF. However, Makeup effects is not all I do.  I am an Actor, a Director, a Producer, a Writer, a Costume Designer, a Puppeteer, a Set and Properties designer.  I have probably received a paycheck for every major creative (art department) position in film / theater / TV, at least once (?)  If I may toot my own horn, that's diverse.  If you need anything creative produced / fabricated / designed, and I do mean anything, from a singular minor little prop, all the way to producing and/or directing the entire show (on time and under budget) I am the guy you want to talk to!


So take a minute, browse the site, follow some links, and see all the wacky areas of my life and career I'm currently promoting.  OH, and in true "RJ Fashion" make sure to check out every inch of the site. You may find some Easter eggs hidden, if you are lucky. If something catches your eye, and you want to collaborate, commission, comment on a blog etc., drop a line through that contact page or leave a blog comment! 

Looking forward to working with you... IN THE FUTURE! 


Teaching Resume

Public & private school, convention based courses, and motivational speaking  experience

FX Resume

Rj's Work experience as an professional FX costuming/puppetry artist spanning the last 25 years. 

Acting Resume

Rjs Wide range of acting roles including:

on camera and on stage talent, hosting jobs, puppetering, and V.O.  

Direction & Production design resume

Rjs credits for direction/production and production design.  

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