Little Shop of Horrors
Rental Package


Designing, building, and renting his own set of Audrey II puppets was a lifetime goal of Rj's.  But did you know he achieved that goal 20 years ago! Yes, that is right, although this set has been rebuilt and refreshed many times throughout the years the very first rentable set of Audrey II's created by Rj was built 20 years ago! 

One of the main selling points of Rjs Fabulous Twoie set is the fact there is a "Growth Spurt" between Eating of Mr. Mushnick and Audrey I, that many rentable sets can not accommodate.  Additionally, Rj's set features an entire properties package including many hard to find and build items such as the dentist mask and chair, wigs, and more at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! YES, you read that right, NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! Now, for one of the nicest most fluid puppets out there, plus the props package bonus, you cant beat that at all! 

Scroll down and click on the Rental Info Button for an itemized list of everything included, if you like what you see there you can write us via the mailing list button and arrange a phone consult.  


SO, what are you waiting on?... "FEED ME!"