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Look no further ladies and germs! Here we go a nice comprehensive list of all the places that I have shopped at in the past and had wonderful experiences with! Many of these places have online ordering and will be so simple to get stuff sent to you.

Each monster/lesson has a corresponding blog page with supplies listed in it. Check that blog before you go shopping and you should be fine! Each class also has a list of "kit supplies" that we will use in every class and much of that stuff is found in your own home or at your local drug store. For the speciality colors and supplies check out these folks ...

East coast suppliers for this series are below.

First on the list, I would be completely remiss if I did not land you right here:

Cybergraphic Designs - Ohio. FLOORED! I'm telling ya! Definitely went above and beyond! They have actually gone in and made separate pages on THEIR website, for OUR supplies! Isn't that nice of them!? Everything you might need, exactly where you can find it, nice and easy! At a wonderful discount as well! They seriously didn't have to do that, but what that tells me is that there are other great people out there that want to make makeup education a priority!! They are committed to making sure you guys can work with good products! Hey if you are going to pay the same price for spirit junk you definitely need to check them out! There are even separate pages for each of the Monsters' creme colors! He has tons of crepe hair as well (best bought by the yard...cheaper!) He will have just about everything you need, and at a great cost! Ships world wide even! Check here first for ease and some pretty great deals!

Illusive Skull Costume Castle- West Virginia. After many many years of friendship and business these folks are retiring after this Halloween season, its definitely the end of an era, and as such ... everything has to go! As you may recall I did a short video from there a few weeks ago. They still have a few things left in stock. Everything in the store including makeup is up to 70% off right now, but call to be sure they have in stock what you are looking for, they are not ordering anything, it's just what's there currently.

The Engineer Guy- Georgia. You may remember the very first FXU boot camp was held in Atlanta at the Engineer guy in 2015. Has it been five years already!? WOW! Still a great place for all FX supplies and now a Reynolds distribution center for all SMOOTH-ON products.

Alcone Co., NY When I was a public school teacher this is where we got just about everything from. If you are having a hard time finding something, they will normally have it! I really wanted to win on FACE OFF just to get that 25k worth of supplies from them! haha OH WELL!

Crown Brushes Although not a great place to find the specialty colors I am using, Crown is an amazing stop for some wicked brushes. (but look around you may find some colors you want!) I love their brushes, and I know I told you, you don't need fancy brushes. However, if you wanted them, this is the place to look! You are going to be shocked with how affordable they actually are! Also a great place to get disposables, stainless steel pallets and pallets knifes, and beauty makeup! Check them out!

These next companies are located in LA/Orange county area. If you need something they will ship anywhere in the country. Just make sure you set aside a couple more days for shipping!

Black Lagoon Supply Co., CA If you need latex, this is the place to look! I showed you some of this product on one of the videos I did recently and how nice and creamy their latex is! No joke, I have been playing with this stuff since I was a teenager and I really like what he is shipping out! I am using the Cosmetic latex from this supplier. You may need two bottles if you are taking all the classes with us! He is on the West Coast but my order of latex only took 4 days USPS. Hit them up for some good latex!

Namie's CA. I always like to buzz into Namies when I am in town for a quick grab at some hard to find stuff. If I am working in town they have a very extensive back room full of some great FX supplies! Everyone is super friendly there!

Frend's LA CA This is the makeup superstore on the West Coast, find anything you want here. If you get to go to LA or live in town, stop in poke around the store is gorgeous and you will end up hanging around for an hour just shopping! They too also have a very extensive area with FX supplies. Popping into Frend's or Namie's and you will end up bumping into random makeup celebrity artists, almost guaranteed.

Ok boils and ghouls... there's the places I get my stuff from. Where you get yours from, doesn't matter a lick to me. (If it was me... I'd try the folks working with us to give you a discount first ;) ) Try to get something close to the colors I have suggested, so your finished looks will be close to what I am doing on Zoom.

Hope this helps you locate what you need, if you don't already have it! Looking forward to seeing you in class very soon over ZOOM! Stay healthy, stay safe, and stay home! Take a zoom class from yours truly;)

(oh, and #wearthosemasks !)

Click the link below to head on over to the FXU page and register once you have your supplies!

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