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Supplies for THE WOLF

Updated: Sep 23, 2020


Hello my little monster lovers out there!!!


In the 1941 film The WOLFMAN, Lon Chaney Jr's Wolfman was the first time Jack Pierce used any rubber pieces. The wolf man nose and brow is one piece of latex that would be applied before the makeup. This is exactly what we are going to do together this week. Now rather than take an extra day to teach you how to make your own nose, there are several decent quality halloween noses out there that can be used for this application. I just grabbed the first thing I saw at The Illusive Skull. It's a Woochie, but what brand it is doesn't matter. The point of this class is to take your work with latex one step further by teaching you how to blend in a store bought piece flawlessly, and on the larger front, how to work with crepe hair in a makeup convincingly. This class will need you to prep the hair ahead of time so please watch your mail box if you purchase this class, as I will e mail all those that are participating a video about how to prep crepe hair before your makeup on that Saturday. This is something that can usually be done the night before, and then the blending could be done a few hours before your class begins. Working with pieces and crepe hair is an important part of being a makeup department staff member. This is going to be a really fun character to work on to illustrate and combine all the skills we've been building with our other classes in this series. At this point, if you haven't taken the other classes in this series, you want to have at least a competent mastery of all those previous classes skills, before taking this class. After we finish the makeup, we'll take a quick break to take some pictures and then we will come right back and illustrate how to remove the hair properly and how to save the pieces and clean all that up. I will also apply some fun store bought ears and even give you a few tips on how to make your own simple ones you can work with on your own. If you took our class with THE COUNT, you will be ready to make some simple fangs work, or if you choose I'll show you how to work with the ones you get at the costume shop.

Now, only you will know what your comfort level is on any of these skills, thats why I have set everything up like this so that you can pick as many or as few of the courses as you want to take.

AGAIN... Like every class in this series, many of the items you're going to need you may already have, they will be available in your own home, or collected rather easily this time of year. That was the whole point of doing this type of class via Zoom. I wanted to make it as easy as possible for folks to get what they need because, hey, it's Halloween! It's a great time of year to stock up!

This particular class, would be great for someone that already has a competent skill level of all the other classes focuses, and who wants to start trying some more complex techniques. There is a prep day for this one so please make sure you are "all-in" before registering. I also recommend doing this makeup on a model so that you can be very precise with your hair work, if you are a novice trying this for the first time.

Before we discuss supplies, here's that not-so mini disclaimer: This is not an end all and be all list of items, this is a very suggested list of colors and other supplies that are the bare minimum of what you will need to have in front of you, IF you want to follow along and do the make up with me LIVE. If you would prefer to watch and ask questions, then collect your supplies afterwards that is completely your choice as well. Remember, you will have access to the recorded live Zoom class on my FXU website for a full YEAR after the class date. It is up to you how you learn and participate in this series. I am not endorsing or pushing any particular brand of make up, I am just showing you guys the kinds of needful things that I have in my kit, that you will need in yours eventually. As you can see, there is definitely a METHOD to this Monster MADNESS! Not only will the classes build on each others skills set, but you will also end up building a nice substantial kit out of the supplies we collect for these characters.

Now lets talk supplies for: THE WOLF


WOLF FACT: This was the first time Jack Pierce relented his completely construction makeup style to use a rubber nose appliance.


These basic supplies you will need for a decent kit to get you through the entire series wont change (but here they are again incase you did not see the last blog entry):

  • caboodle or tackle box or something similar to house your make up supplies.

  • stainless steel pallet

  • stainless steel pallet knife

  • Sea Breeze astringent (oily skin)

  • Moisturizer (dry skin)

  • facial tissue

  • cotton balls

  • makeup wedges

  • powder puff

  • translucent setting powder

  • hand sanitizer

  • 70% alcohol

  • 91% alcohol

  • body drape (to cover clothing of model or actor)

  • hair clips

  • Setting spray like liquiset

  • cleansing creme

  • some basic brush shapes (get assorted sizes)

    • flat brush

    • round brush

    • wedge or angled brush

    • duster brush

    • kabuki or foundation brush

All those items above, will most likely be used every single week. Below are the specific colors and types of supplies that I will be using to create "THE WOLF". I do, obviously, have my own preferences, but you can work with whatever brand you prefer. This series will be working with cream foundation colors specifically since that is the most widely used type of make up available. We want everyone to be able to do these classes even if they choose a simple over the counter drug store brand cosmetic. However, I would HIGHLY suggest that if you are serious about wanting to get into makeup or cosplay that you buy a professional theatrical brand. There are several you could choose from that make these types of "monster" colors such as: Ben Nye, Mehron, Kryolan, and Graftobian, just to name a few. I will also post links to some of my favorite places to purchase makeup, and supplies. Again, I am not endorsing any one place. These are suppliers I have used in years past, and they have always been very good to work with and have had what I need when I need it. Below, I will list the specific product I will have on hand the day of the class, in some cases I will place a link next to it. You can use these names and images to find different brands with the same types of colors if you choose, or you can hunt down these specific products from the supplier links, or google, or shopping locally (which I always stress!). I hope that makes sense? Ok here we go:

Specific products Rj will use in class for "THE MONSTER'S WIFE" look:

  • Foundations- Ben Nye CB-7 Werewolf Brown Creme Foundation

  • Main Highlight - Ben Nye, P-1 White Creme Foundation (DON'T GET CLOWN WHITE!)

  • Main Shadow - Ben Nye, CS-5 Extra Dark Creme Shadow

  • Black Makeup Pencil -Any will do

  • SPIRIT GUM - Any brand will work. I know, everyone hates it, but it is still easiest to clean up. For what we are doing with it, you will thank me later. We will be using this for every class moving forward, so buy a medium sized bottle.

  • Brown Crepe hair braid

  • Medium Grey Crepe hair braid

  • Dark Brown or Black crepe hair braid

  • Hair Scissors

  • Rat Tail Comb

  • Paddle Brush

  • Vaseline

  • Ben Nye BOND OFF, or baby oil.

  • Unflavored Gelatin or the BLACK LAGOON Ballistics Gelatin (Either or I will discuss both in class)

  • Pros Aide adhesive or Dead Set Adhesive from BLACK LAGOON

  • ROLLED COTTON - This is exactly what you want to buy. We will be using this in every class after this one.

  • BLACK LAGOON Liquid latex Any brand you like will work. HOWEVER, this is my preference and if you can grab it quickly, do so, its really the best I've used, hands down, not to mention affordable. (We will be using this for each class after this in one way or another so I would get a large size if you are signed up for all of the courses.) If you are allergic to latex there are alternatives! Contact me personally or leave a comment below in the blog post.


WOLF FACT: The makeup application took six hours and three to remove. We're going to trim that down quite a bit ;)


Additionally, to complete the look if you took the count class we can grab your friendly plastic beads or some store bought fangs (get the nice ones if you aren't going to make your own)

Alright folks, there it is, a materials list for this third MONSTER MADNESS course! As you can see much of the supplies are easy to come by at a drug store, the rest are readily available this time of year at spirit or costume shops. I have a few folks I've talked to about getting some supplies from so I will be posting that in the next blog, be sure and check back!

Happy Haunting!


CLICK the PICTURE BELOW to find out how to register !

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