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Updated: Oct 13, 2020


Hello my little monster lovers out there!!!


The Bride of Frankenstein is actually a better film to me than the original, I love the addition of Dr. Pretorious, the fact that now the Monster has learned to talk, struggling the entire time to just be understood, makes him even more sympathetic than in the first movie, but can we talk about the real star of this picture? With a month full of Monsters, how can I overlook my ladies out there in the MONSTER-VERSE??? This character and makeup is HUGE on the icon meter of Monsters and was a perfect choice for the third lesson. If you have been playing along with us up to this point, you will have been through THE COUNT, to brush up on your blending and color applications, (we will be re-using some of those materials this lesson!) and THE PHARAOH to start to working with and understanding how latex is used in make up. On this week, October 17, We combine those two skill sets into THE MONSTERS WIFE, and push it a step further as we construct on the skin the nice stitching on the jaw with the latex and move into some other materials like prosaid cream and gelatin! If you already understand how to apply makeup with creme foundation and blend shadows and highlights together, THE COUNT maybe too much of a beginners class to take. Maybe you have already used some nose and scar wax, and have played around with latex before, but you're still learning and aren't really confident in that skill or want to take that build up to the next level, Then I would recommend taking BOTH, THE PHARAOH and THE MONSTER'S WIFE these two classes will really help you understand all the different ways we can build up on the skin (which comes in very handy doing make up professionally!)

Now, only you will know what your comfort level is on any of these skills, thats why I have set everything up like this so that you can pick as many or as few of the courses as you want to take.

AGAIN... Like every class in this series, many of the items you're going to need you may already have, they will be available in your own home, or collected rather easily this time of year. That was the whole point of doing this type of class via Zoom. I wanted to make it as easy as possible for folks to get what they need because, hey, it's Halloween! It's a great time of year to stock up!

Once we've done all our construction makeup, we will use our creme makeups to add the color, and we will finish it up with a really bad wig, that I will show you how to NOT make so bad. ;)

This particular class, would be a GREAT place for people that want to refine latex build up skills and learn new products for building up.

As usual, I will post another blog with each monsters name in the title, each day this week. Before the end of the week, you will know what you need to accumulate in your personal kit for all MONSTER MADNESS courses. Now, before we begin, here is my mini disclaimer: This is not an end all and be all list of items, this is a very suggested list of colors and other supplies that are the bare minimum of what you will need to have in front of you, IF you want to follow along and do the make up with me LIVE. If you would prefer to watch and ask questions, then collect your supplies afterwards that is completely your choice as well. Remember, you will have access to the recorded live Zoom class on my FXU website for a full YEAR after the class date. It is up to you how you learn and participate in this series. I am not endorsing or pushing any particular brand of make up, I am just showing you guys the kinds of needful things that I have in my kit, that you will need in yours eventually. As you can see, there is definitely a METHOD to this Monster MADNESS! Not only will the classes build on each others skills set, but you will also end up building a nice substantial kit out of the supplies we collect for these characters.

Now lets talk supplies for: THE MONSTER'S WIFE


BRIDE FACT: Even though she is the title character. She doesn't appear until the last five minutes of the film!


These basic supplies you will need for a decent kit to get you through the entire series wont change (but here they are again incase you did not see the last blog entry):

  • caboodle or tackle box or something similar to house your make up supplies.

  • stainless steel pallet

  • stainless steel pallet knife

  • Sea Breeze astringent (oily skin)

  • Moisturizer (dry skin)

  • facial tissue

  • cotton balls

  • makeup wedges

  • powder puff

  • translucent setting powder

  • hand sanitizer

  • 70% alcohol

  • 91% alcohol

  • body drape (to cover clothing of model or actor)

  • hair clips

  • Setting spray like liquiset

  • cleansing creme

  • some basic brush shapes (get assorted sizes)

    • flat brush

    • round brush

    • wedge or angled brush

    • duster brush

    • kabuki or foundation brush

All those items above, will most likely be used every single week. Below are the specific colors and types of makeup that I will be using to create "THE MONSTER' WIFE". I do, obviously, have my own preferences, but you can work with whatever brand you prefer. This series will be working with cream foundation colors specifically since that is the most widely used type of make up available. We want everyone to be able to do these classes even if they choose a simple over the counter drug store brand cosmetic. However, I would HIGHLY suggest that if you are serious about wanting to get into makeup or cosplay that you buy a professional theatrical brand. There are several you could choose from that make these types of "monster" colors such as: Ben Nye, Mehron, Kryolan, and Graftobian, just to name a few. I will also post links to some of my favorite places to purchase makeup, and supplies. Again, I am not endorsing any one place. These are suppliers I have used in years past, and they have always been very good to work with and have had what I need when I need it. Below, I will list the specific product I will have on hand the day of the class, in come cases I will place a link next to it. You can use these names and images to find different brands with the same types of colors if you choose, or you can hunt down these specific products from the supplier links, or google, or shopping locally (which I always stress!). Again, buy whichever product you can find the right colors/types of, over brand, as they are all very much a personal preference as to which brand. I hope that makes sense? Ok here we go:

Specific products Rj will use in class for "THE MONSTER'S WIFE" look:

  • Foundations- Ben Nye P-20 Pale Vampire Creme Foundation (if you took THE COUNT, you can use that base)

  • Main Highlight - Ben Nye, P-1 White Creme Foundation

  • Main Shadow - Ben Nye, P-15 Cadaver Grey

  • Lip Color -LS-35 Maroon or Vampira lipstick

  • Bottle of Castor oil

  • Black Makeup Pencil -Any will do

  • SPIRIT GUM - Any brand will work. I know, everyone hates it, but it is still easiest to clean up. For what we are doing with it, you will thank me later. We will be using this for every class moving forward, so buy a medium sized bottle.

  • Vaseline

  • Ben Nye BOND OFF, or baby oil.

  • Unflavored Gelatin or the BLACK LAGOON Ballistics Gelatin (Either or I will discuss both in class)

  • hot water (for gelatin)

  • fake blood (for gelatin)

  • Pros Aide adhesive or Dead Set Adhesive from BLACK LAGOON

  • ROLLED COTTON - This is exactly what you want to buy. We will be using this in every class after this one.

  • BLACK LAGOON Liquid latex Any brand you like will work. HOWEVER, this is my preference and if you can grab it quickly, do so, its really the best I've used, hands down, not to mention affordable. (We will be using this for each class after this in one way or another so I would get a large size if you are signed up for all of the courses.) If you are allergic to latex there are alternatives! Contact me personally or leave a comment below in the blog post.

  • Needle and some black thread

  • Used dryer sheet, yes just the one.

  • False Lashes

  • If you or your model have heavy eyebrows, or if you are a male and want to do this as a "DRAG" look, you'll need some glue stick or some nose and scar wax to do this makeup. (either one will work but I seem to prefer the scar wax personally)

  • Eye Shadows of your choice.


BRIDE FACT: Elsa Lanchester said that her spitting, hissing performance was inspired by the swans in Regent's Park, London. "They're really very nasty creatures," she said. (Source: IMDb)


Additionally, I am going to complete the look with a crappy halloween store wig and show you how to make it NOT look like a crappy halloween store wig. To that end I will be using, supplies you MAY want to have on hand

  • Graftobian White color spray

  • Black crepe hair

  • White crepe hair

  • A crappy halloween store bride wig

  • Gauze and Muslin rolls (left over from "THE PHARAOH")

  • eye lashes

As an added bonus in this class: Rj is going to show you how to age and prep your bandages ahead of time early in the week prior, so make sure you get some gauze and some muslin and lets make a really kick ass MONSTERS WIFE! regardless, it's your choice, and not mandatory, but I will be doing it on camera with you guys.

Alright folks, there it is, a materials list for this third MONSTER MADNESS course! As you can see much of the supplies are easy to come by at a drug store, the rest are readily available this time of year at spirit or costume shops. Grab some materials and let's GO FOR IT! Hope to see you in the class!

Happy Haunting!


CLICK the PICTURE BELOW to find out how to register !

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