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Let's talk supplies for MONSTER MADNESS

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Hello everyone! Good MORNING!!!


I have long had a love for Vampires and Count Dracula specifically. In fact, the very first Halloween make up I attempted on my own as a kid was Count Dracula at ten years old. I definitely have had a lot of time to practice this particular make up ;) Many of the items you're going to need you may already have, will be available in your own home, or collected rather easily this time of year. It's a great time of year for supplies! As we create the character, its important to understand why the choice of this character to start with. The focus of the lesson being taught in "THE COUNT" is proper application of paint and powder. That includes the following: correct station setup, proper pre-makeup skin prep, how highlight and shadow are used, uniform blending techniques, and what brushes do what. We will take a few pics once we are finished, then remove it, discussing what products we use to remove this type of make up, and proper skin cleansing and moisturizing. This makes "THE COUNT" the perfect place for BEGINNERS to start, or for anyone wanting to brush up on their application skills. It's not just about learning how to do Dracula makeup, it's about learning how to do a GOOD makeup application no matter what the character is. We are simply using THE COUNT to teach these standard application techniques. Without those skills under your belt, it will be very difficult to progress into the next lessons (or as a makeup staff member at all). I would recommend all beginners take this course. If you are already comfortable with creme applications, and want to wait for the more advanced courses, you are more than welcome to, that is why it was set up in this manner, so that everyone of every skill level could get something out of at least one class.

I will post another blog with each monsters name in the title, each day this week. Before the end of the week, you will know what you need to accumulate in your personal kit for all MONSTER MADNESS courses. Now, before we begin, here is my mini disclaimer: This is not an end all and be all list of items, this is a very suggested list of colors and other supplies that are the bare minimum of what you will need to have in front of you, IF you want to follow along and do the make up with me LIVE. If you would prefer to watch and ask questions, then collect your supplies afterwards that is completely your choice as well. Remember, you will have access to the recorded live Zoom class on my FXU website for a full YEAR after the class date. It is up to you how you learn and participate in this series. I am not endorsing or pushing any particular brand of make up, I am just showing you guys the kinds of needful things that I have in my kit, that you will need in yours eventually. As you can see, there is definitely a METHOD to this Monster MADNESS! Not only will the classes build on each others skills set, but you will also end up building a nice and substantial kit out of the supplies we collect for these characters. Let's talk "THE COUNT" supplies.


VAMP FACT: Mr. Lugosi never wore fangs as Count Dracula, not once.


The basic supplies you will need for a decent kit for this month are:

  • caboodle or tackle box or something similar to house your make up supplies.

  • stainless steel pallet

  • stainless steel pallet knife

  • Sea Breeze astringent (oily skin)

  • Moisturizer (dry skin)

  • facial tissue

  • cotton balls

  • makeup wedges

  • powder puff

  • translucent setting powder

  • hand sanitizer

  • 70% alcohol

  • 91% alcohol

  • body drape (to cover clothing of model or actor)

  • hair clips

  • Setting spray like liquiset

  • cleansing creme

  • some basic brush shapes (get assorted sizes)

    • flat brush

    • round brush

    • wedge or angled brush

    • duster brush

    • kabuki or foundation brush

All those items above, will most likely be used every single week. Below are the specific colors and types of makeup that I will be using. I do, obviously, have my own preferences, but you can work with whatever brand you prefer. This class will be working with cream foundation colors specifically since that is the most widely used type of make up available. We want everyone to be able to do these classes even if they choose a simple over the counter drug store brand cosmetic. However, I would HIGHLY suggest that if you are serious about wanting to get into makeup or cosplay that you buy a professional theatrical brand. There are several you could choose from that make these types of "monster" colors such as: Ben Nye, Mehron, Kryolan, and Graftobian, just to name a few. (I was quite fond of Mr. Blascos Vampire base years ago but I do not know, as of this writing, if it is still being made, you may be able to find it online if you want to hunt) I will also post links to some of my favorite places to purchase makeup, and supplies. Again, I am not endorsing any one place. These are suppliers I have used in years past, and they have always been very good to work with and have had what I need when I need it. Worth noting: the only specificity that I will insist on for the classes is what TYPE of make up to buy and what color, NOT the brand. For instance, with this class, please do not bring a cake or liquid foundation to the class meeting, since we are specifically discussing creams, I will not have time during the class to go over other materials that are not specific to what I am using during my application. Below, I will list the specific product I will have on hand the day of the class. You can use these images to find different brands with the same types of colors if you choose, or you can hunt down these specific products from the supplier links. Again, buy whichever brand you can find the right colors/types of, over brand, as they are all very much a personal preference as to which brand. I hope that makes sense? Ok here we go:

Specific products Rj will use in class for "THE COUNT" look:

  • Foundation - Ben Nye, P-20 Pale Vampire Creme Foundation

  • Main Highlight - Ben Nye, P-1 White Creme Foundation (Ben Nye, Vampire Character Palette)

  • Main Shadow - Ben Nye, CL-25 Steel Grey (Ben Nye, Vampire Character Palette)

  • Black Makeup Pencil

  • Maroon Cream Makeup ( Ben Nye, Vampire Character Palette)

  • Black Pancake (or Creme will work, Pancake is preferred)


VAMP FACT: Although credited with creating many of the other Classic Monsters, Jack Pierce did not do Mr. Lugosi's make up. Mr. Lugosi always applied his own makeup as Dracula, which was common for theater actors. The extent of Mr. Pierce's involvement with that character, was that he mixed a special base for Mr. Lugosi.


Additionally you may want to use:

  • Stage Blood

  • Hair Gel

  • Black hair spray

  • Acrylic nails

  • Fangs

  • Friendly Plastic

As an added bonus in this class Rj is going to show you how you can make your own simple fangs from Friendly Plastic Beads, so if you want you can grab some of those as well, or you can use store bought fangs. Your choice.

Alright folks, there it is, a materials list for the first MONSTER MADNESS course! As you can see much of the supplies are easy to come by at a drug store, the rest are readily available this time of year. Grab some materials and let's GO FOR IT! Hope to see you in the class!

Happy Haunting!


CLICK the PICTURE BELOW to find out how to register !

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