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First Blog!

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Well folks! Here is the first of many new blog entries. Dated today August 1, 2020. Here we are in the middle of the Corona-19 Pandemic. I never thought I would live to see something like this. Not to mention all the civil unrest, systemic racism, and attitude issues we are facing. We sure are living through some dark times. With the quarantine causing Outta Time eXcape rooms to be closed until its safe to reopen, I had a little time to get started on this migration of my personal website into the wix platform, that I am already using for both Outta Time and FX University. If you haven't heard of either of those two things check them out, there are links in the footer on every page. I am also putting it out there, I am available for any creative work you may consider me for. I can do and make anything. Well, damn near anything! If there is something you would like to consult on with me, please let me know by shooting me a message from the contact page, or leaving a comment below! I would be most interested currently in any Acting, V/O, Directing, or Production Design positions anyone is looking to fill. As always, I still do long term commission projects as well. So please don't hesitate to send an inquiry about your project!

Trying to keep these short and sweet for now, who knows it may expand into something else down the road, but just wanted to get something in here for the first blog post. Thanks for checking it out! Hopefully the world will eventually get back to ... well not normal... but better than normal, We have to start doing better and caring for each other like family, sooner than later. My wish for you, is that you, and those you love and care for, stay well and safe during this very uncertain time. <3

Peace and blessings,


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