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The vibration level has to be measured and the result reported in terms of exposure. The measurement method needs to consider the vibration peak-to-peak (p-p) amplitude, the acceleration peak-to-peak (a-p) amplitude, the power spectrum, and the duration of the test. These parameters are given in Table 1. In addition to maximum value, the test equipment can be used to measure, in-service, the total vibration exposure. This measurement is called vibration exposure index (VEI) and is given in units of the vibration dose. Table 1. Test procedure for the assessment of exposure on industrial pumps Maximum vibration amplitude Accuracy of measurement The system has to be calibrated for p-p and a-p measurements at the highest anticipated vibration level. Measurements should be carried out on each pump during maintenance and inspection. Calibration Check and evaluate the pump equipment. Check, record, and evaluate the results obtained during the measurement. Test Turn on the pump and rotate at a constant speed. Position the accelerometer on the pump and record the maximum vibration amplitudes p-p and a-p. Record the value of the vibration amplitude and its duration. Calculation of vibration exposure index Calculate the vibration exposure index as a function of the vibration amplitude using equations 1 and 2. P-p amplitude (Pa) = 2×10−6×Amps−1/2×10−7×10×s(1)a-p amplitude (Pa) = Amps×10−7×10×s(2) Where Amps is the average vibration amplitude (2π×ν), ν is the vibration frequency (rpm), and s is the vibration duration (s). Table 2 summarizes the performance of the pump test system. In practice, the accelerometer should be positioned at the rotor, allowing a-p measurement. Table 2. Summary of the performance of the pump test system Parameter Description Accelerometer type Type RT-5 Accelerometer output 50 μA Calibration for p-p and a-p measurements at maximum vibration Test procedure Measure and record p-p and a-p amplitude Calculate exposure index




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Iso 10816 7 Free Download jassbent

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