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“I always knew you would end up on TV some day!” said by one of Rj Haddy’s former high school teachers, upon finding out he’d been cast in Season 2 of SYFY’s Hit reality competition show FACE OFF.

Face OffA native of Charleston, WV, it was obvious to every one but Rj, from a very early age that he would become known for the extroverted, yet down to earth and kind personality he exhibited on the show. He has also had quite a penchant for the creative flair since that time as well.

Due to the mesmerizing effect the visual imagery in the Star Wars saga had on him as a youngn’, Rj began making 3 dimensional art projects in Kindergarten and hasn’t stopped yet. He has a love of the creative process and enjoys the ability to see a project through from the very beginning conceptual phases all the way to the performance, literally bringing it to life.

Combining his love of creation and performance he naturally gravitated to Puppeteering. He was influenced largely at this time by the films The Dark Crystal, Little Shop of Horrors, and Labyrinth. But it wasn’t until Rj discovered the films of Tim Burton that he learned that make up artistry and puppeteering and costuming were all very similar skill sets that criss crossed over into each other.

Starting with Beetleguse, and Batman literally one year apart he became mesmerized with something new … Prosthetic make up. The names Nick Dudman (for his amazing Joker make up) and Ve Neill ( for her Beetlejuice and Penguin creations) would be forever burned into his brain, along side Rick Baker, Stan Winston, Greg Cannom, and Jack Pierce his other make up artistry idols.

In His Hometown of West Virginia

Rj went on to attended Capital High School in Charleston, WV a Performance Art Magnet school and received a world class education under theater director Molly Lhor- Robinette, and Visual Art Instruction under Mary Smith. After graduating Rj attended The Joe Blasco Make up Artist Training Center in Hollywood and immediately began working for Alterian Studios Inc., under World Class effects Artist Tony Gardner, where he had the ability to work on such big budget box office movies as BATMAN AND ROBIN, THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY, CONTACT, just to name a few.

This plus a brief stint at ADI during the filming of BEDAZZLED and 6th DAY, allowed him to return home with the skill set to teach at his alma mater. For the last 8 years Rj has been teaching at Capital High School in the Department of Film, Television, and Multimedia Arts and Sciences, and department he single handedly wrote and designed the curriculum for. Capital High School offers, under Rj: Television production, writing and performance for the camera, Special effects, Web and App design, and Filmmaking courses.

Entering Face Off – Season 2

Unheard of in any other High School in the State. He was living a content life as a teacher but yearned to get back into the professional circuit. Then FACE OFF premiered and it became an event to watch season one with the students at lunch (and during some classes) At the end of season one, pressured by a few of his upper class men, he decided …”EH , what the heck ?” and submitted his audition packet.

To his surprise he was called to LA for an audition. From there he was part of the San Diego Comic Con 2011 Face off Challenge where he competed for the final spot on the show with two other would be contestants…. and the rest at this point is history.

Finale Ultimate Challenge by Face Off Designer RJ Haddy - 1

Rj went through the season being in the bottom of the challenges only ONCE and remained a top contender the rest of the way through the show until the end when he locked down his spot as one of the three finalists. Rj didn’t win the judges vote and the cash prize but did win audience favorite which has meant the world to Rj and wants to thank every fan of the show that voted for him.

Rj is a Consummate Artist and not only is a creator of the arts but an avid consumer of them as well. He hopes that his turn on Face OFF will lead to Bigger and better opportunities as that consummate artist wether it be Acting, Directing, Designing, or Creating, Art is ALWAYS at the very core of all of it, and that is EXACTLY where Rj wants to BE!

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